How to Choose a Best Expandable Hose? Top 5 Reviews 2018


Have you ever tripped or slipped over a tangled hard rubber water hose while attempting to maintain your lawn? Happens a lot, we know. What’s the solution? Picking out your best expandable hose will eradicate this issue forever.

Expandable hose is nothing but an innovative water hose that expands up to 3 or 5 times its original size when the water pressure is turned on and goes back to its original size when turned off. Such flexible design ultimately makes it self-draining, kink-free and tangle-free.

Most of the expandable hose materials in the market are long-lasting and of first-grade quality. But with so many options rushing in the market, how do you know which one is best for you?

Read through the Top 5 Best Expandable hose reviews and an in-depth buying guide given below and find out for yourself!

Name of the product


(in foot)




GrowGreen Heavy-duty Expandable Hose Set – ​Best Expandable Hose


​2.25 lbs.

GenLed Expandable Garden Hose


​1.59 lbs.

Crenova Garden Expandable Hose


​4.8 lbs.

GenLed 25 ft. Expanding Hose


​0.6 lbs.

KLAREN Expanding Garden Hose


​1.6 lbs.

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Reviews of the Best Expandable Hoses 2018

GrowGreen Heavy-duty Expandable Hose Set – Best Expandable Hose

GrowGreen Heavy-duty Expandable Hose Set

First up in our garden hose review list is this GrowGreen expandable hose set. This heavy-duty flexible water hose makes watering your lawn, garden or patios effortless for you. Measuring about 50 feet when fully expanded, the tube is free from kink, twist, and tangling.

When water is turned off, the hose shrinks down to just 17 feet, which is quite impressive. Due to such flexibility, storing this hose will be as easy as it can be.

Quality Construction

Construction of GrowGreen hose set features high pressure-resistant latex core that’s flexible and long-lasting. The inner core is further covered with a durable polyester cloth to protect it from UV damage.

The heavy-duty garden hose comes built-in with a rust-free shut off valve and a good-quality storage sack.

GrowGreen expandable hose is deliberately made for routine watering applications and once done; you won’t have a messily tangled hose laying around. You can pack it up in the provided storage sack.

Featuring solid brass fittings and robust metal connectors, the hose is made to endure daily watering applications for an extended period.

Lightweight design

Weighing about 2.25 lbs., watering your lawn with a GrowGreen hose is unbelievably pleasant.

It is available in 25 ft., 75 ft. and 100 ft. lengths as well.

Things We Liked

  • ​One year warranty period
  • Brass Fittings; Metal connectors
  • Includes a Shut-off valve and Carrying sack
  • Expands up to 3 times its original length

Things We Did’t Like

  • ​Water pressure is lacking
  • End joint (where the hose and brass fitting connects) tends to leak after repeated use

Customer Reviews

Reviewers have adored the ultra-lightweight design of GrowGreen expandable garden hose. Brass fittings are solid, and the accordion style design makes it free from kink. All in all, users say it expands well and also shrinks down compactly without any fuss. Overall, GrowGreen is one of the best expandable hose out there and proves to be a great value for money as well.

Final Impression

If you are looking for a reliable brass bullet hose to use for daily watering needs such as garden, washing cars, lawn, etc. GrowGreen Heavy-Duty has to be your best expandable hose.

Seeing its robust construction and premium quality of materials used, GrowGreen is sure to last longer than most of the cheap knock-offs in the market. It is lightweight, yet pretty solid in every which way.

GenLed Expandable Garden Hose

​GenLed Expandable Garden Hose

Next up on our list is this GenLed 75ft. Long Expandable Garden hose. GenLed, a reputed American brand, has launched varieties of premium-grade expandable hoses in the market and are quite popular for the same.

This one, in particular, has to be the best expandable garden hose, as it excels in its affordability and performance.

An option of 50 ft. length is also available in this model.

Improved Design

New improved design of the GenLed expandable garden hose features 100% natural latex inner core and an outer covering of polyester fabric. The latex inner tubing is double-layered, so that alone signifies its durability and flexibility. Whereas, the outer polyester weave will protect it from UV damage or puncture holes caused by debris.

This collapsible hose can expand up to 3 times and contract down again to its original length for quick storage.

The inner side of the connector features rubber washer for a tight and leak-free seal.

Shut off Valve

For the convenience of use, there’s a shut-off valve located at the end of the hose. Thereby, you don’t have to walk all the way to the faucet to turn off the water. Moreover, this feature also allows you to quickly shut off the water to attach a nozzle, whenever needed.

Its flexible accordion design does not allow it to twist, tangle or kink. Thus, making it much easier for you to handle and store it compactly.

GenLed hose’s unexpanded length is just 25 feet, so it’s a breeze to store.

Things We Liked

  • ​12 months of warranty
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable natural latex core
  • Easy to store
  • Quick installation

Things We Did’t Like

  • ​Connectors are made from plastic
  • Tends to develop holes and leak

Customer Reviews

Majority of the reviewers have positive opinions about the GenLed expandable garden hose. They’ve liked how the hose is so compact, yet expands up to 3 times its original length.

Users rave about how quickly it contracts down to its original form as soon as you turn off the water. It is hands-down one of the best expandable hose, seeing its lightweight design and kink/twist-free use, say, users. And, the shut-off valve is much-appreciated as well.

The only downside expressed about GenLed hose is that its connectors are made from plastic and not brass.

Final Impression

All in all, GenLed expandable garden hose is quite a deal with its perfect compact size and affordable price tag. GenLed has used decent quality of materials viz. Dual layered natural latex inner core and polyester outer shell.

It would have been even better if it came with brass fittings. But for such a low price, the plastic end connectors seem to work fine.

Crenova Garden Expandable Hose

Crenova Garden Expandable Hose

Crenova is new in the market and is successfully emerging with its premium grade of garden equipment. This particular expandable garden hose has impressed us with a versatile range of features it has to offer. Everything that’s expected out of a good garden hose, this one has it!

7-Function Spray Nozzle

Crenova collapsible hose can expand up to 3 times its original length viz. from 33 ft. up to 100 ft. whenever the water is turned on. And, it automatically shrinks down when shut off.

Its dominant construction includes solid ¾” brass fittings, double-layered latex inner core, rubber washer, extra-flexible polyester outer shell with 5000D count and a versatile 7-function spray nozzle. Do you see how power-packed it is?

This water hose can endure 23°F to 122°F of temperature.

Spraying nozzle comprises of 7 functions, namely Mist, Center, Angle, Shower, Jet, Flat and Soaker. Thus, this is like your ultimate smart solution for every watering need.

Enhanced design features:

New improved design of Crenova garden hose features dual-layer inner tubing, which is further covered by a thick and seamless polyester fabric with knitted wall design. Such configuration can withstand high water pressure (maximum- 1.5MPa or 15 Bar).

Things We Liked

  • ​One year warranty
  • Includes a hose hanger, a spray nozzle and storage bag
  • Durable ¾” Brass fittings
  • The metal seal prevents leakage
  • Premium materials used

Things We Did’t Like

  • ​Water pressure is inadequate
  • Hose diameter is too small

Customer Reviews:

One thing that is most liked by the users in this Crenova expandable hose is its brass end fittings. Right from the double-layered inner core to the outer shell, everything seems to be durable and long-lasting, say users.

Another unique feature that has allured reviewers is the included seven spray modes; it works just as described. However, some people have complained about Crenova hose having terrible water pressure due to small hose diameter.

Final Impression:

No doubt, Crenova has launched one of the best expandable garden hose and packed various compelling features up its sleeve.

At this price, you get a 7-function hose nozzle, innovative brass connector design, double layer inner tube, 5000D knitted outer shell and 12 months of warranty. Everything about this flexible water hose screams excellence and durability.

GenLed 25 ft. Expanding Hose

​GenLed 25 ft. Expanding Hose

Another launch from the GenLed is their Newly Designed 25 ft. expandable garden hose. What is so unique about this water hose? It happens to be the best lightweight garden hose so far, with just 0.6 lbs. of weight. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Also, it is cheap, yet is quite good in performance, especially for daily light-duty watering applications.

Long and Portable design

If you want something that’s easy to store and does not create a mess while watering, go for this GenLed water hose. It is compact, yet expands up to 3 times its original size when the water flows.

The convenience of use

There’s an ON/OFF valve provided at the end of the hose. You need not walk all the way back to the spigot to turn the water off. So, that’s a convenient feature to have. Another great feature here is the inner rubber washer that will prevent the hose from leaking.

Durable construction

Just like most of the models in this garden hose review, this GenLed garden hose also comes with a 2-layer 100% natural latex core. To prevent this latex core from potential UV damage or puncture holes, there’s a polyester outer shell provided.

Wrapping it up, this specific water hose is ideal for car-washing, garden, lawn watering or cleaning workshops, RV, pool, boat, etc. Use it as per your liking.

Things We Liked

  • ​One year warranty
  • Ideal for light-duty watering tasks
  • Shut off valve included
  • Cheaply priced

Things We Did’t Like

  • ​Comes with plastic fittings
  • Highly prone to leaks

Customer Reviews

Even though it comes with plastic connectors, customers have still found to be ideal for minimal watering needs. But, it is not made for heavy-duty use. The best thing about GenLed 25 ft. A water hose is its ability to shrink down quickly in no time and how much of a breeze it is to store, say reviewers. No mess, no long tangling hoses, it is as simple as it could get.

Final Impression:

For those of you who have constricted budget, yet need something that performs well, opt for this GenLed expandable garden hose.

It has a simple design, nothing fancy here. It expands up to 25 ft. when the water is turned on and goes back to about 8 ft. size when turned off. Overall, it gives a pleasant watering experience and is easy to store.

Not to mention, if the lightweight design is what matters to you the most, GenLed hose’s 0.6 pounds of weight won’t fail to impress you!

KLAREN Expanding Garden Hose

KLAREN Expanding Garden Hose

KLAREN is another American brand, and their expandable hose is the only one on the list that features 3-layered natural latex core. Otherwise, most of the features on this water hose are quite similar to its GenLed counterpart.

Leak-proof design

The inner side of the garden hose is made from 3-layer natural latex, whereas the outer covering features high-strength polyester. What makes it ideal to use is the self-locking connecting feature for the internal hose. The expandable tube does not leak or crack that easily.


KLAREN water hose is very flexible and space-saving, it starts out from 25 feet and can expand up to 75 feet when the water flows through it.

There are 25 feet and 50 feet options available in lengths as well.

KLAREN garden hose can withstand water pressure ranging from 3 Bar to 15 bar, which is quite noteworthy. Another critical point, this expandable hose holds the credential of having UL and FCC certificate of meeting safety standards.

Things We Liked

  • ​18-months of warranty
  • UL and FCC certification
  • 3-layer durable latex core
  • Flexible and lightweight design
  • Ideal for light-duty applications

Things We Did’t Like

  • ​Connectors made from ABS plastic
  • Springs leak easily

Customer Reviews

If you are looking for a hose that coils easily and is easy to maneuver around, this KLAREN water hose is made for you, say, reviewers.

It is not bulky or heavy; it is just a lightweight expandable hose deliberately made for minimal watering applications. However, it might not last long as the construction does not feature heavy-duty materials.

Final Impression

For KLAREN expandable hose, you won’t have to pay more than $25! And for such a shockingly low price, it does what it says and is a perfect expandable hose for your minimalistic watering needs. Most prominent features of this particular water hose are its lightweight design, quick shrinking ability, and kink-free use.

Features to consider before buying your Best Expandable Hose

There are several factors you need to consider before picking out your best expandable hose to make sure you end up with the one that suits your needs best.

The material of the Hose

The expandable hose can expand up to 3 or 5 times its original length when water flows through it and goes back to its original form when the water is turned off.

For the hose to expand precisely, both its outer and inner layer should be made from befitting materials.

Inner Layer:

  • For the inner layer, Latex (a rubber material) is often considered to be the best material. Given the fact that latex tubing is not extremely durable, it usually comes with 2 or 3 core layers to prevent water leakage.
  • 3-layered latex core is not as flexible as the 2-layered core, but it can certainly handle heavy water pressure.
  • If the expandable hose has latex tubing, it has to be 100% natural latex. Then and only then, the tube will expand and contract suitably all throughout its course.
  • Apart from this, another material used as a core is TPC (thermoplastic copolyester), which is quite flexible and elastic. TPC is highly resistant to heat and offers good longevity, even with just a single layer.
  • Latex is more popular and commonly used because TPC material is expensive.

Outer Layer:

You cannot leave the inner latex core as it is and expose it to natural elements like rain, cold or sun rays. It will be bare and is likely to get punctured. Therefore, it has to have an outer shell, and the industry standard for it is Nylon.

  • Nylon contracts with the inner core drains out quickly and sheds water effortlessly, thereby minimizing the risk of it accumulating mildew or mold. For improved thickness, nylons are often woven as one to provide a durable covering for the core. Look for the one that’s made from 400D or 600D nylon.
  • Woven polyester fabric with 3000D or 5000D rating is also an optimal material for the outer shell of expandable garden hose.
  • Any woven polyester fabric with a higher D (denier) count than this is prone to ripping or puncturing beforehand. Bear in mind that nylon outer shell is far better than polyester one.

Fittings on the hose

Most popular and widely used metal-alloy for hose fittings is Brass. That’s because brass is highly durable and can endure any weather condition.

The overall performance of any expandable garden hose greatly depends on the material used for connectors. That’s because they are directly in contact with the water source and are also prone to become weary with time.

Brass is an optimum material for the fittings because it does not destroy or scrape easily, it retains its shape well and provides a solid leak-proof seal to the hose. It might oxidize with time, but that alone does not cause damage to the metal.

Since it’s a metal, brass is also fairly heat-resistant as compared to other hose fittings materials.

Besides brass, you will also find aluminum or plastic hose fittings on the market. Aluminum fittings might be fine, but not as good as brass fittings. Plastic fittings are located on cheaper products.

Another thing to consider is the strength of end joint (where fittings are linked to the hose). Check whether this end joint is reinforced with some protective material or not, to prevent it from leakage and bending.

Size of the hose

Length of the expandable hoses ranges anywhere from 10 to 200 feet (unexpanded). Depending on your type of application, you need to pick the one that satisfies your watering needs.

Note that the “number of feet” mentioned in the description of the hose is its expanded length. For example, if the hose is 50’ long, it might collapse down to just 15 feet. So, check your desired length of the hose.

Expandable hoses with large sizes are made from premium quality of materials for better durability. But you also need to consider the fact that- the longer a hose it, the more you’ll be at a loss if it leaks.

Water Pressure

Always make sure to check the PSI rating in the product description of an expandable hose.

Most of them are made to handle standard water pressure.But, regularly using an expandable hose with its maximum water pressure rating will destroy it in no time.

If you are going to use the expandable hose with a nozzle or a sprinkler, make sure you pick the one that has a PSI count of 350 or more to prevent it from bursting.

Inner Water Diameter

The water flow in the expandable hose will be directly proportional to its inner diameter.

  • Most of the hoses on the market come with ½”, ¾,” ⅝” inner diameters.
  • Larger the inner diameter, greater will be the water flow.
  • In a nutshell, to get an idea about the water flow, always look at the inner diameter of the hose when fully expanded.

Warranty period

Check whether your best expandable hose is backed up with a sufficient warranty period. Most of them possess one year of warranty if not, look for a minimum three months of warranty to steer clear of any defects.

Also check if there are any additional accessories provided such as a hose hanger, a nozzle or a carrying bag for your added convenience.


Q. How to expand the lifespan of your expandable hose?

  • After use, do not leave it in the garden and expose it to extreme cold, heat or rain. Always store it indoors with the help of a hose holder, or you can even keep them in storage keepers.
  • The hose needs to dry out completely. Make sure the area of storage is well-ventilated to avoid build-up of mold or mildews.
  • Do not drag the hose by the nozzle. Also, do not waggle around the end joint (the part where the hose and connectors meet) as it is a delicate part. All of these things might damage the hose severely.
  • It is recommended to keep the water pressure between 0.4-0.9MPa ranges.

Q. while choosing a best expandable hose, what to look for in its fittings?

Not all plastic fittings are cheap, some of them are made from good-quality of ABS plastic. Most of the hoses with plastic fittings are quite affordable, so for your light watering needs, such hoses work pretty great.

As for brass fittings, check whether it has some interlocking mechanism or a metal clip. Or else, the hose is likely to leak from the connector area after repeated use.

Q. Which size of expandable hose to choose?

Measure the distance from the faucet to the area of application and choose the hose accordingly.

Q. Are these expandable hose durable?

Cheap water hoses might fail to work after frequent uses. The lifespan of a durable hose can be anywhere from 8 months to 2 years.

Controversies in the use of Expandable hoses

There have been few cases where the tube has leaked or busted out due to either poor quality of construction or customer’s inattention.

TPC inner tubing is more likely to burst as it is not strong enough. Comparatively, latex tubing is much durable and strong. But when used in combination with brass connectors, latex inner tube might induce a toxic chemical reaction, thereby contaminating the water and even causing a burst in some cases.

Many times, the pressure of water and the sound in burst cases might be hazardous.


The market for expandable hoses is picking up speed and is witnessing some innovative models coming up.

Such flexible and creatively designed expandable hoses have grabbed the attention of consumers to a great extent. So much that, it has challenged the use of traditional rubberized hoses. Undoubtedly, expandable garden hoses are a great alternative to a tangle-free and lightweight hose.

Contemplating on the above garden hose review, GrowGreen tops our choice and becomes the best expandable hose amongst all the others on the list. What makes it number 1? It is durable, leak-free and flaunts a robust construction.

With the included storage sack, you can carry it around anywhere you wish. Different available length options also add value to the product. Significantly, it comes with heavy-duty brass fittings and a convenient shut-off valve as well.

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