5 Best Handheld Massagers Reviews with Buying Guide


Nowadays, almost all of us have to deal with a busy daily routine; whether it has to do with sitting in a chair all day long in an office, or having to do the chores at home. Everyone can fall victim to sore muscles, which end up being painful and disturbing, and can mess up our daily routine.

However, the best solution to that would be a handheld massager. If you choose the best handheld massager for yourself, you will feel your muscles relax. It uses modern technology to help release tension in the muscles, but it can be hard to find an excellent handheld massager amongst the hundreds of them.

Thus, we have reviewed 5 of the best handheld massagers to help you, which offer the highest features and ease of use.

Name of Handheld Massager Type Our Rating Price
Wahl Deep Tissue Massager Corded
HoMedics Percussion Handheld Massager Corded
Ohuhu Electric Hand Massager Corded
RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Massager Cordless
DR. J Cordless Body Electric Massager Cordless

Reviews of the Best Handheld Massagers

Wahl Deep Tissue Massager

Wahl Deep Tissue Massager

This one can turn out to be an excellent choice if you’re stuck with stiff muscles which go deep towards your tissues. With a wide variety of features and a great degree of personalized use, this Handheld Massager is a product of great value.

Four Unique Attachments

The most prominent feature of this handheld massager would be the fact that it comes with four different heads, which are used for four different purposes. There is a deep muscle attachment for a deep set massage, a four-finger shaped head for instant relief, an Accupoint attachment for the basic massage and a raised bump head to target specific areas for effective massage.

Customer Reviews

According to what the customers have to say, this product is quite strong and does manage to reach deeper into the tissues. Many people with health problems related to sore muscles have used this, and have confirmed that this leads to an active and significantly noticeable decrease in pain. It has helped many to improve their functionality.

Final Verdict

This handheld massager would be amongst the greatest ones out there, as it gives a high quality performance at a very reasonable price. It has everything you’ll need to get rid of sore muscles, get active and adjust it accordingly to your mood changes.

HoMedics Percussion Handheld Massager

HoMedics Percussion Handheld Massager

This handheld massager comes in two different colors, grey, and white. It uses the latest technology and an entirely modern design to make sure you get the best massage ever.

The Action of Heat

This massager uniquely includes heat nodes, which when turned on, give off a mild heat. This heat helps melt away the tension and soothes the area being massaged. Additionally, the portrayal of this heat is made better to the body part with the help of the dual heads featured in the massager, which are both pivoting constantly at a high rate for the best massage.

Customer Reviews

The customers have all been continuously appreciating how well this product works due to the heavy weight of the machine, which helps exert the right amount of pressure to relieve them of their pain. Additionally, the action of the heads is considered to be very efficient by the vast majority, as it is firm and helps roll the muscles out easily.

Final Verdict

This handheld massager manages to give a powerful performance and helps in a gradual decrease in pain and development of sore muscles eventually with regular use. This is why it will also turn out to work great for patients and have conditions related to pain in the muscles and tissues.

Ohuhu Electric Hand Massager

Ohuhu Electric Hand Massager

This massager is a very high-quality one, made from a high-quality ABS Rubber material, which makes sure that you get the best quality massage. The additional features make sure of that just as well.

Quality Percussion Massage from Head to toe

This massager is designed to make sure that it can be used on every single body part. For this, there are three different sets of additional attachment heads, which come along with the massager in the package.

As the massager is a double head one, six different extra heads come along so that different kinds of massage can be provided for the head, legs, back and other body parts too.

Customer Reviews

Many customers have shown liking towards the large size and the heaviness of the massager. This is because it efficiently helps in reaching the far areas of the body, as well as it applies sufficient pressure on the area to get rid of the pain entirely.

Final Verdict

It is an overall great handheld massager, with easily adjustable settings so that you can always have a great, personalized experience. It makes sure that your pain goes away, and relaxes you in a way that will eventually take the stress and tension out of you as well.

RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Massager

RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Massager

This handheld massager is cordless, which means that it is highly portable and runs on batteries. With the use of modern technology, it enables you to be able to use it consistently on a daily basis. This helps you in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Cordless Design with a Powerful Motor

There are no cords involved, and the battery used in the Handheld Massager can be easily recharged. This means that if your massager is fully charged, you can use it anywhere you want to. However, the use of a battery does not jeopardize the quality of the massage, and you still get a solid and powerful performance by the machine.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers claim that they notice an instant improvement in their conditions after using this Handheld Massager. For this reason, it has managed to make its way and become the favorite of most people who have painfully sore muscles, and use this on a regular basis for relief.

Final Verdict

This handheld massager would be the easiest one to use out there, and you can also take it around with you. This is because it is small, lightweight, and entirely portable, and wouldn’t require for you to be looking around for sockets. This makes it an easily accessible tool.

DR. J Cordless Body Electric Massager

DR. J Cordless Body Electric Massager

This handheld massager efficiently focuses on providing you with a high quality massage anytime and anywhere, by having an entirely portable design, and several other features which make sure that your massage is entirely high quality.

Powerful Battery

The one thing which is great about this massager is how it includes a powerful battery. It makes sure that the battery has a large capacity to hold a charge, which thus enables it to be used continuously for 150 minutes straight, without any interruptions at all.

Customer Reviews

The customers love how this massager is lightweight, which makes it easier to move around and travel with this massager with them. In addition to that, the customers find it easier to handle, as the light and small in size product becomes very easy to hold and use, while still being of great, flawless quality.

Final Verdict

This handheld massager is an all-rounder, as it gives you all of the good features included in a single tool while eliminating most of the cons effectively. It makes sure that you get a considerably powerful massage, while still having this small portable and rechargeable device with you wherever you go.

Buying Guide

Amongst the hundreds of different brands manufacturing handheld massagers, it can be hard to decide which one will be the best hand massager for you.

For this reason, following are some of how you can find out what features must be there for a handheld massager to be good, and how you can quickly decide for yourself as well.

Some Features to look for in the Best Back Massager

  • Adjustable Speed:

This is an essential feature of a hand massager. Sometimes, you might feel like you need a vigorous massage, while the other times you might crave for a slower speed for your massage.

If there isn’t an option to adjust the speed according to your own will, then you might not be able to personalize the way it works, which is a simple con for a vibrating massager.

  • Pressure Adjustment:

In a more advanced electric back massager, you will be able to find the option to adjust the pressure as well.

This can greatly help you in varying between a hard and soft massage, both of which can be required in different situations and moods. You can easily fulfill your requirements if this option is available.

  • Easy to Clean Design:

Make sure that the handheld massager has a simple design. This helps in a better and easier cleaning of the massager.

If it has a complicated design, a cloth might not be able to reach towards every corner of the device, which will lead to inefficient cleaning.

Always choose a handheld massager which can be cleaned without any problems.

Should you choose a Corded Body Massager or a Cordless One?

There are two types of Handheld Massagers available outside, the corded and the cordless ones. With the corded ones, you will always be required to be near a power supply, due to which it will be able to work.

However, cordless ones have built-in batteries and can work without a nearby power supply anywhere at all.

  • Corded Body Massagers:

  • The Electric Massager you choose for yourself depends on how you are going to use that massager, and your lifestyle.
  • If you choose a corded massager, you will only be able to use it when a power supply is nearby, but you can still be able to have a consistent massage.
  • You won’t have to deal with any batteries, which can be a nuisance for some people.
  • However, if you choose a corded handheld massager for yourself, make sure that the cord is very long. In this way, you can sit in a comfortable place and enjoy the massage, even if it is away from the socket.
  • Cordless Body Massagers:

  • On the other hand, if you choose a Cordless Handheld Massager, it can be pretty useful.
  • Cordless Massagers are always lightweight, and incredibly portable.
  • They’re small in size so that you can fit them in your bag and take them anywhere you want.
  • This is especially the best choice for you if you travel a lot, but you will have to keep extra batteries with you, or if your massager has a rechargeable battery, keep a charger along.
  • As the batteries run out pretty fast, this might not ensure a consistent massage routine.

Adjustable Heads for Handheld Massagers:

Some of the Handheld Massagers out there come with several different heads, which can be replaced with the massager. In this way, your typical best electric back massager can be changed into a multi-purpose one and can end up being used for several different purposes.

These Massage heads can come in the following types:

  • A Kneading Massage Head can be efficiently used for a more in-depth massage, which can help relax your tissues as well.
  • A Wide Massage Head will give you a soft, soothing massage to release tension from the surface.
  • A Roller Massage Head will efficiently provide you with a massage that is firm but doesn’t go too deep.
  • Scraper Massage Heads can efficiently help remove the dead skin, making your skin glow and improve.
  • A Scalp Massage Head can always help relieve a headache and soothe the mind.

What Designs to look for?

Handheld Massagers come in several different designs. The one which will be the best handheld massager for you can depend on your requirements.

An all-rounder massager will be the one which has an elongated design, as it can help you in reaching out to the more faraway parts of your body.

Your massager can, therefore, act as a body massager and help you release tension from any stiff muscles all over your body.

However, if you wish to target only one small area which can be easily reached by your hand, it is always better to choose a handheld massager which is smaller in size.

In this way, you can always increase its portability, and it will be easier to use it. Because of a smaller size, it will have a lighter weight.


Q: Is it safe to use for all ages?

A handheld massager considered to be one of the best handheld massager is safe to be used on all bodies and all ages and genders. The primary purpose of the massager is only to get rid of muscle pain and relief from sore muscles, and it does not have any disadvantages at all.

Q: Can you apply direct pressure to the area where the neck and the shoulder are joined?

There is no harm in doing so. The only thing you should be making sure is that wherever you apply the massager, it is comfortable for you. The massage shouldn’t feel too painful, but it is supposed to relief the pain. That being said, the best handheld massager can be directly applied to most parts of the body.

Q: What is the RPM of a Handheld Massager?

The RPM stands for the Rate per Minute, which gives you the amount of time a massager vibrates or moves in and out in a minute’s time. In most of the best handheld massagers out there, you will find the option to adjust the speed, which lets you control how fast and intensely the head of the massager moves.


As a whole, the winner from amongst the five products which have been mentioned above is no doubt the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager. This is decided due to several reasons, one of which is the fact that it is a large one.

The design is elongated, which means that you can quickly reach out to almost all the spots on your body.

Furthermore, the adjustable speed and intensity, along with the additional head attachments, all make sure that you can easily personalize your massage experience.

Its heaviness and many other features attribute for a powerful massage, which is essential when getting rid of the excess pain in several different areas.

For an all-rounder use, this one would be the choice, even though all the products are great and come amongst the best handheld massagers easily. For all the people looking for a massager who would be more portable, you can consider the last two reviewed products as well.

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