Collapsible Water Hose As Seen On TV: What You Need To Know

You may have seen many advertisements for collapsible water hoses on TV. Let’s check how they perform in real life.

We have reviewed the Pocket Hose Bullet which expands to 25 feet and is a garden hose from the BulbHead Company. It is a portable water hose, and you don’t need any hose reels to store it after use.

The main advantage of the Pocket Hose Bullet is that it is light in weight and you can easily carry it from your garage to your garden and back.

You can expand it to a full-sized garden hose when you turn the water on, and it retracts back to its original size and length when the water is turned off. This makes it very easy to use. The Pocket Hose Bullet is very portable and flexible.

With a standard garden hose that is heavy, you are left with a mess most of the time when you want to coil the hose. The tube will be tangled and will kink, and you will need to spend a lot of time to unravel it and to coil it back into a garden hose reel. This is not so when it comes to the Pocket Hose Bullet. It is very easy to use, and the water drains on its own. You don’t have to worry about it getting tangled. You don’t need to waste your time untangling it. You don’t need to remove any kinks as it does not kink.

Winding a normal garden hose back into the garden hose reel is a pain on its own. With the Pocket Hose Bullet, the problem of winding the garden hose gets solved as it is very easy to coil once the water is drained out. Also, for a 25 feet hose, you need to wind it only once it contracts into its original size which is around 8 feet. When you are done with watering your garden, all you need to do is switch off the water and the hose shrinks. The water too automatically drains out of the hose which makes it very easy to coil and store.

Pocket Hose Bullet 25-Ft Expandable Garden Hose

Another advantage of the Pocket Hose Bullet over a standard garden hose is that since it is not heavy, you don’t need to drag it over your garden. This ensures that your flower beds are not damaged. A normal garden hose automatically drags across the garden and can harm your flower beds. Since the Pocket Hose Bullet expands as the water fills, it ensures that it extends on its own without damaging your flower beds.


  • Easy to use: Since the garden hose is light, you can carry it easily and use it in your garden, or the house is very easy.
  • Light: The Pocket Hose Bullet is made of high-quality material which is also very light. This ensures that even though the hose can expand to 25 feet, the weight is much lesser than an ordinary garden hose. You can carry the hose quickly, and it weighs only one pound.
  • Connectors: The amber tips of the connectors ensure that there are no leaks. The hose also has connector protectors. This ensures that the connectors last for a long time before leaking. To ensure that there is no leakage, it is vital that there is a tight and sturdy seal between your water spigot and the hose. This collapsible garden hose ensures that there are no leaks and it has amber tip connectors which are strengthened with connector protectors to reduce the chance of leakage happening in the connectors.
  • Durable fabric: The fabric of the Pocket Hose Bullet is of high-quality so you can be sure that it won’t tear even under high pressure. It is kink-free, and it is tangle-free.
  • Expandable: If you take pride and joy in your garden then the Pocket Hose Bullet is the garden hose for you. It is light, so it is easy to carry. It expands on its own, so you don’t need to worry about expanding it. In addition to that, when you complete your watering, all you need to do is switch off the water supply. Then the hose will automatically drain all the water that is there in the hose.
  • Spray Nozzle is removable: One of the advantages of the Pocket Hose Bullet is that it comes with an adjustable setting spray nozzle. There are three-speed adjustments in the nozzle. You save money as you don’t need to buy a separate nozzle. The three spray options that the spray nozzle offers are fine mist, a pinpoint stream, and a full power stream.


  • Prone to leaks: Though the Pocket Hose Bullet is made of high-quality material, in general, all expandable or collapsible hoses are prone to leaks. The Pocket Hose Bullet is not an exception. Make sure that you avoid using it with pressure washers or pumps and avoid dragging it over rough surfaces.


If you are looking for a high-quality, collapsible water hose as seen on TV, then the Pocket Hose Bullet is an excellent garden hose for you. It does all that it promises and more. It is light, strong and easy to use. The hose is designed to ensure that space is saved. The spray nozzle is removable, and the connectors have amber tips to avoid leakage. The main hose is made of high-quality material to avoid leaks. The hose is expandable so you can use an 8 feet hose like you would use a normal 25-feet hose. The only major problem with expandable hoses or collapsible water hoses is that it is delicate. No matter how strong and durable it is or how high the quality is, it is prone to leaks. Keeping this in mind, you need to use the Pocket Hose Bullet with care to ensure that it doesn’t leak and after you use it, drain the water completely and wind it up so that you can store it safely.

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