Crinkle Hose As Seen On TV: Is It Good To Have?

The Telebrands Pocket Hose is a crinkle hose as seen on TV. It is a 50 feet hose. The Telebrands team widely advertises the Pocket Hose. It is small enough that you can easily fit it into your pocket. It is also big enough to work as a full sized hose. When it expands, it goes right up to 50 feet.

The Pocket Hose is very lightweight and is very easy to handle and use. You can store it anywhere, and it is easy to travel with. When you are done with it, you can either roll it up or hang it somewhere, or you can even keep it in your pocket.

This feature of it being light in weight is perfect when it comes to senior citizens who want to garden but carrying a full sized hose gets difficult. It is just 1.25 pounds in weight. This makes it great to use in your garden.


  • Easy to carry and handle
  • Water-powered rewind Hose
  • Lightweight at 1.25 pounds
  • Flexible50-Feet in length
  • No kinks, twists or tangles

The biggest advantage of the Telebrands Pocket Hose is that it is very easy to use. It is perfect for a person who doesn’t want to use a heavy hose. Most of the customers loved it as it is very light and easy to use. You need to attach the input part of the hose to your water outlet or the spigot or faucet that is near your garden. Then remove the small piece on the other end that is kept to shut off the water. Attach your nozzle or spray gun to the other end of the hose and get started. If you want, you can even attach the spray gun to the hose with the shut-off piece on, but we have seen that it gives better pressure when it is removed.

Crinkle Hose As Seen On TV Product Image

Once this is done, you can start the water. The water starts to fill in the hose, and it automatically starts to expand. This is a great advantage especially when people have arthritis and find it difficult to bend to uncoil a normal garden hose. The Telebrands Pocket Hose is one of the best and the lightest crinkle hose in the market as you can see on TV.

In addition to your garden, you can use this hose for many other uses. You can use it to wash your truck or your car. You can use it to clean up parts of your house or yard. The pressure which you get with the Telebrands Pocket Hose is excellent and is no different from any normal garden or expandable hose. It is easier and is not at all cumbersome to pull the hose around when you go about cleaning since the Telebrands Pocket Hose is very lightweight.

After you have completed the work that you are doing with the hose, be it gardening or cleaning, all you have to do is turn off the water. The water starts automatically draining off from the hose, and the hose starts to shrink. It shrinks fast, so you don’t need to waste too much time waiting to coil it back. When the water is completely drained, and it shrinks, all you have to do is to pick it up and coil it into a small shape. You can then easily carry the 1.25 pounds hose to your garage and store it until you need it next.

We recommend that you store it safely as if it is left out in the garden and exposed to sunlight; it can start leaking and getting holes. There will always be a compromise between the weight of a hose and its strength and durability. With the Telebrands Pocket Hose, you are getting an easy to use, and a light hose which you can use for cleaning or gardening.

You cant expect to use the Telebrands Pocket Hose in an industrial setting or for commercial uses like landscaping. It won’t hold up to heavy pressure and will burst. If you keep it out in the sun too long after you use it or if you use it roughly and pull it over rocks etc., it can tear easily.

Though it looks strong, its main feature is flexibility and the weight being light. If you want a heavy duty hose, this one is not the one for you. If you want a light and flexible hose which you don’t need to coil and uncoil, this is perfect for you.

It will last for a long time if you use it carefully and even if it does tear, it is easy to fix. It is cheap compared to other branded garden hoses, so it is a very good deal. The fittings are made of plastic so make sure that you don’t over tighten them.

Why would you want to lug around a heavy hose that is convenient when you can get an easy light and compact hose from the Pocket Hose? It comes in a length of 50 feet, but you can order for two if you want a larger one and join them together.


  • Lightweight
  • check Easy to use
  • check No need to coil and uncoil
  • check Expands and contracts on its own
  • check Inexpensive


If you are looking for a simple and easy to use a hose, the Telebrands Pocket Hose is an excellent hose for you. You can use it in your garden or to clean up your car. It is perfect for senior citizens as it is light and you don’t need to bend to remove the water from it. It is a perfect crinkle hose as you can see on TV. The quality of the material used is not very high but the price is low, and if you store it properly and use it judiciously, it will last for many seasons. other then that you need to check The Teknor Apex Zero Hose

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