The Pocket Hose And How To Repair It Like Pro

A garden hose is a multifunction tool which you can use to water your garden and clean your surroundings. The problem is that since we use it frequently and it is relatively inexpensive, we tend not to use it carefully or store it carefully once the work is over.

This can often cause leaks in the hose. Leaks are normally caused when we drag the hose over stone or rocks in the garden. Leaks can also happen if the hose is kept in the sun as too much exposure to the sun can melt the material of the hose. When we use a garden hose, we don’t think much about its state, however, when it starts leaking it becomes a major problem.

A leaking water hose can cause puddles in the garden. The leaks won’t allow you to get the required pressure that you need to make sure that the garden is watered properly. If you are using the hose to clean your car, it is even worse as the pressure won’t be enough.

The good news is that a pocket hose is on an average very strong and is made of durable material so you won’t need to worry a lot about it getting damaged or springing a leak.

A pocket garden hose can develop leaks for many reasons like accidental cuts, excessive water pressure, damaged hose connectors or a faulty faucet. Even if any of this happens, you don’t need to worry or don’t need to replace your hose. You just need to repair it. Each of the above issues has their specific way of getting repaired. The repairs are easy to make with normal household tools.

However, with time or with rough use, it could happen that your pocket hose has sprung a leak. It happens, don’t fret. We have got you covered.

Most of the spare parts or items that you will need to repair your pocket hose will be available in a store near you or at Amazon. Repairing a pocket hose is very easy so rather than buying a new hose, you can spend less than an hour and get your current pocket hose repaired.

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Let’s get started on how to repair a pocket hose.

Repairs to Garden Hose with a Hole

The most common reason for a leak in a pocket hose is that it gets a small crack or a rupture on the hose. If the leak is towards the end of the hose, the easiest thing to do is to snip off the portion that is damaged. If the leak is somewhere in the middle, you can cut the leaky part and join the two divided parts. The best way to do so is by using a barb kit or a hose repair kit. This comprises of female and male threaded inserts, and it has two metal clamps so that you can clamp up each side of the divide hose. Make sure that the clamps are sealed tightly. Once the clamps are tightly in place on the joined parts, your leakage problem is resolved.

In case the hole in your hose is small, apply repair glue for hoses or apply electrical tape. You need to make sure that the surface is clean and dry before you do so.

Faulty Hose End Connectors Repair

There will be a threaded sprout at the opening of your water source which generally is a spigot or a faucet. The thread spout generally connects the ends of the hose and the couplers. On the other end of the hose, normally there will be a nozzle that will connect to the hose so that you can direct the water. There are many types of nozzles on the market which are either made of metal or plastic. The hose end connectors generally have female and male threaded connectors. This can snap in either at the mouth or the end of the hose. If the connectors or the couplers get damaged, the pocket hose will start leaking. The best solution is to remove the old fitting and cut off a small part of the hose. You can them clamp a new fitting in its place. You can then slide the fitting in from the end of the hose that is open. That’s it. You are good to go. You can also rub dish soap or immerse the fitting end in hot water if you find it hard to put the fitting in the hose.

Faulty Faucet Repair

Though repairing the faucet is not a part of repairing the pocket hose, many times the issue is not because of the hose but rather due to the faucet. Since the watering work will be affected, it makes sense to include this too here.

The hose bib or the faucet of your pocket hose can develop leaks. This mostly happens if there is a backward pressure which may come from your sprinkler. This happens in rare instances. If this is the case and the faucet of your pocket hose is leaking, you can easily repair it. Before you start repairing the faucet, you need to shut off the main supply of water. Once the water supply is cut off, you can drain all the water that may be in the faucet’s sprout.

You can then check the packing nut in the faucet, and if it has got loose, you can tighten it. If the valve washer is damaged, you can remove it. If the valve is damaged, you need to loosen the nut first. Then wrap around the packing 8 inches of strong Teflon tape. You need to wrap this around the thread at the place the packing nut is placed. This will seal the packing nut and will stop the leakage.

You can then start the water and check if the leak is still there. If it is there, you will need to replace the packing nut washers. You will have to remove the packing nut washers and take it to the nearest hardware store and buy some washers of the same size.


I hope you have got the solution to repairing your pocket hose. It is easy to repair your pocket hose, and it won’t take you too much time. Unless the issue is very serious, you should be able to repair your pocket hose quickly and easily using the above tips.  In case you need to dispose of your hose and decide to buy a new one, you can check the best expandable hoses in the market today by clicking here.

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