Husqvarna Axes for Sale: Learn More About Husqvarna Brand

The brand of axes of ‘Husqvarna’ accompanies with it a certain amount of confusion. Outsourcing their axes is one of the reasons for this confusion. Also, they are not at all good at delivering precise facts regarding their products. In the year 2011, Husqvarna returned to their earlier source - Hultafors or Hults Bruk. The Hultafors or Hults Bruk was their manufacturer years before they shifted to Wetterlings or the rest of their manufacturers. This resulted in the manufacture of new axes with a few changes, but almost identical to axes of the Hultafors that are currently available for sale.

The ‘Husqvarna’ forest axe is quite affordable and is approximately half the cost of the very similar type called the ‘Gransfors Bruks’ axe. This newer model of the axe is lighter than the older model of Husqvarna. The Husqvarna keeps mentioning that both the models old and new consist of heads of 2lb, however, the truth is that the new model has a 1.75 lb head, unlike its older model. The new model is similar to the ‘Gransfors Scandinavian Bruks’ forest ax. This ax also has its head weight incorrectly specified as 2lb, while it weighs 1.75 lb.

The Axe handles of both the mentioned axes are manufactured by the same manufacturer. This makes both axes’ design as well as quality almost identical. The Husqvarna axe is slightly longer, could be merely a result of the process of handing over. Its handle is joined to its head by a metal pin that is circular and a wedge (wooden).

Heads of the two axes are also closely identical. Apart from a few superficial details, the axes have almost the same thickness and shape. However, the lone noteworthy difference of the ‘Husqvarna’ Forest Axe is that its’ sharpness isn’t excellent. I have known a few complaints from people stating that there are visible grind marks on it. As for me, I don’t think of using an axe like a showpiece, so it doesn’t matter. I think it has a good grind. Generally, you will not need to change it. However, you will need to spend some time in sharpening the axe. You could use a stone to achieve the edge of a razor. It does work without sharpening as well, but it isn’t as sharp as required.

Husqvarna Ax

The Sheath            

Well, I won’t stress much on the sheaths, since not all people bother about the quality of sheath. But, I would be fair to state that the sheath of the ‘Husqvarna’ is total junk.

The sheath of the ‘Hults Bruk’ has the retention strap and heavyweight. Comparatively, the sheath of the ‘Husqvarna’ mostly slips off just like that.  Also, since it is without a welt, you need to be careful while setting it otherwise the edges could be chipped by the rivets. Although a bit odd, this is quite a common issue.

This issue isn’t that a great deal breaker. However, in case you buy one, do away with the sheath, before it ends up damaging the bit.


Virtually, their length is identical. An overall length of the Kisa happens to be 25.75 inches while the Multi-purpose one is slightly more than 26 inches

For crucial tasks, an axe with a handle of 28 inches would be great to use. The 2inches provide additional leverage that is needed desperately by a light head.

The Head

Well, as you may observe, they have a virtually identical shape. The lugs also match. A major difference which you may find quickly is their fit as well as finish.

When the factory delivered it, the poll happened to be very rough, so I filed it, and it ended up in a square shape. Also, I had to re-profile the bit since it was ground unevenly. I didn’t mind getting all its marks out as it would never become a showpiece. You must be careful considering these axes are rough.

Although, axes of this type are light weighing 1.75lbs each, yet can retain their use of a solid ax.

Profile of the Bit

The Axe of ‘Husqvarna’ Multi-purpose type bites vigorously, fulfilling tasks of chopping very well. But, this type of a fine bit ends up sticking and thereby, forfeits much of its purpose to splitting, having no option to save it. Bits which are thicker can be thinned, but metal can’t be added.

The Handle

On comparing side to side, you can notice the Multi-purpose Axes’ thicker handle. The concern regarding the handle mainly depends on the size of your hand. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter to me as I think you can make the handle thin if required to suit you.

In general, the hickory quality is close. Considering a very less run out and grain orientation of hardly any degrees off. Nevertheless, a little variation would exist since its material is natural.

Palm Swell

In this aspect, the ‘Husqvarna’ Multi-purpose ax clearly wins. This is similar to the handles of the ‘Gransfors Bruks.’  The handle of the ‘Hults Bruk’ actually could have a bit more.


With all this information, what exactly are we to decide? It is not at all perfect. Clearly, there are areas which can be enhanced. A few enhancements could be done at home by you while few can’t.

In general, it is one modest axe concerning its cost. You can easily buy 2 for the cost of only 1 ‘Hults Bruk’ Kisa.

As per me, it has a very thin bit for any splitting task. But, if you are interested in having a trail or bushcraft ax, then it is the perfect one.

These axes are quite cheap to be kept in the garage or truck or maybe as a spare axe, simply to beat around in the yard. All of these purposes could be served as well.

For myself, for such kind of purposes, I plan to buy 1 of the packages of 3 axes. You could never have a lot of beater axes at the appropriate areas.

On the whole, as the other axes of the ‘Husqvarna’ type, this axe is worth the money. It might require a few minor modifications to perform like the ‘Gransfors Scandinavian Bruks’ forest ax and that too for half its cost. People will perennially compare and idealize its old model just to put down its newer one. However, the reality is that, concerning quality, both are similar. Although they might not be the perfect type of axes, they are an excellent buy for their cost. You can instead check our list of best splitting axes.

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