Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 Review

The Pocket Hose New Top Brass 2 is a hose from the BulbHead Company. It doesn’t kink or leak and has a strong brass connector. It is light in weight, compact and expandable. It can be stored easily and is 50 feet long. It is among the best expandable hoses in the market today.


  • 3x stronger than other hoses
  • Water seal technology which gives you a watertight seal with every use
  • Fire hose design
  • Double layer construction
  • Elastic lining which expands depending on the water pressure
  • Improved outer liner
  • Leak-proof
  • Breakthrough protection
  • Easily expandable
  • Attaches to any outdoor water faucet
  • 3x tougher protectors made of brass
  • Easy to drain and store after use

Since you take pride in your garden, it makes sense that you buy a garden hose which will be perfect for your garden. When you use a garden hose in your garden that is heavy, there are two major issues. The first one is that you will need to lug the heavy garden hose around which will strain your back and arms. It will also tire you and make gardening a chore rather than an enjoyable hobby. The second issue with a heavy garden hose is that you will need to drag it across your lawn and flower beds which may cause the plants to get hurt. To prevent both of these issues, the best solution is to have a light garden hose. The garden hose from the Pocket Hose Company is light in weight and easy to use

pocket hose top brass 2 review

Along with being light, the Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 is also strong and durable. It is made of high-quality heavy duty material which makes it very durable. It has a bullet-fabric construction which is unique. This makes it tear-proof, leak-proof, and most importantly kink-proof.

Another great feature of this hose is that it can contract and expand as per your wish. When you have a heavy hose to deal with, it gets exhausting to wind up the hose after you use it. And if you leave it as it is, it will look like a mess in your garden. The advantage of the Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 is that it is very easy to use and very easy to expand when you want to water your garden and to contract when you are done with watering your garden, and you want to store it away. The Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 will expand and contract on its own. This makes it very easy for you to maneuver it in your garden. You need to connect it to a water outlet, and the garden hose starts to expand on its own. When you are done with the watering of your garden, all you need to do is switch off the water. The Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 will then automatically shrink back to its original size, and you can fold it in for storage.

The brass connectors on the Pocket Hose Top Brass 2is very sturdy and is tight between your water outlets like a spigot and your hose. This allows you to ensure that there are no leaks and there is no wastage of water. The biggest issue that comes with a hose for the garden is that it leaks at the places you will connect the hose to the water outlet. Since the connectors are made of brass, it doesn’t leak, and it will last for decades without giving you any issue. The connectors are made of strong tips of brass and are also made stronger with connector protectors. This makes sure that there are no leaks and you don’t have to worry about replacing or fixing the hose.

With the Pocket Hose Top Brass 2, you don’t need a lot of space. It is very compact when it is coiled, and you don’t need a garden hose reel which takes a lot of space. Once the water is out of the hose, it will shrink on its own, and the water will drain away. You need to coil the hose properly, and then you can store it in your garage or even in a protected area of your garden. This helps a lot in small houses or if your garage is overfilled with things. Since it is compact, you can even keep it in some part of your garden that is protected and is near the water outlet. This helps you to use it more frequently and with more ease.

One of the best features of the Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 is that it has a brass nozzle which has three adjustments. You have a choice of the pinpoint stream if you want to water only a certain area, fine mist if you want to spray over your lawn or full power stream which will give you the complete force that you can use for trees or even for cleaning parts of your garden from debris. The brass nozzle is strong and very durable. It is easy to use and comes in handy depending on your water level requirement. It also helps you to save water.  


  • Easy to use
  • check Light in weight
  • check Saves space
  • check Brass connectors so fewer leaks
  • check Expands and contracts as per your requirement on its own
  • check Does not Kink


When you consider all the main features of the Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 which include durability, easy to use, compact and easy to store and high-quality material, the hose is an excellent investment that you can make for your garden. The unique feature of having a brass nozzle which has three adjustments so that you can water your garden according to your needs also is great. The material used in the hose is high-quality, and you will be able to use the Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 for many years without any issue.

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