Scrunchy Water Hose Review | Dose It Worth To Buy It

If you want an inexpensive water hose, then the scrunchy water hose is one that you should consider. The concept of a scrunchy water hose is unique, and it stands out when you compare it with other water hoses in the market. A Scrunchie hose is an expandable hose that will expand to a much longer size than normal once water is in it. This happens when the water pressure pulls the hose. The scrunchy water hose can easily go to three times its normal size.

Though the Scrunchie Water Hose is a good water hose when it comes to expandable and scrunchy water hoses, you can check the best expandable water hose here. The best expandable water hoses are slightly expensive than the Scrunchie Water Hose. However, they have excellent reviews and are great regarding quality. 


  • 50 feet in length
  • Expandable to 3x i.e. 50 feet
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber and poly material

The Ruff and Ready Scrunchie Water Hose is an easy way to keep your garden watered. It is perfect if you have a small garden. The hose is not too great but gets the job done.

Along with the hose, you get a nozzle that is adjustable and built-in. The design of this hose is compact, and you can easily expand it automatically. You can use it if you have a small garden or if you have outdoor plants near your house that you want to water.

Scrunchy Water Hose Review

Though there is an issue with the durability of the product, it can extend up to three times its length when the water is turned on. This allows you to water plants and trees that may not normally be within your reach.

The Ruff and Ready Company say that the Scrunchie Water Hose is made of a material which is heavy duty. They use rubber for the ends, and the main hose is made of poly material. This ensures that the hose is light even though it is strong. 

If you want a garden hose that can access plants which are far away from the reach of your hand, then the Ruff and Ready Scrunchie Water Hose is a good option. Since it expands well once the pressure of water starts, you can use it easily for your gardening needs.

The Ruff and Ready Scrunchie Water Hose are easy to coil up. One important feature of the hose is that it is very compact. If you are looking for a hose that can extend up to 3x its size, i.e., it can go up to 50 feet, then the Ruff and Ready Scrunchie Water Hose is an excellent choice. It is perfect if you want to water plants which are out of reach.

You need to make sure though that the hose is attached properly to the water outlet and the pressure of the water is strong so that the hose extends completely. When you attach it, you also need to make sure that it is firmly secured. If you don’t secure it properly, there is a chance that the hose may leak.

Since the Ruff and Ready Scrunchie Water Hose is light, it is easy to carry it and transport it. This makes it a good hose when it comes to the elderly as they don’t have to stretch to water the garden. In addition to that, the hose starts to contract once you switch off the water which makes it very easy to use. It drains out the water on its own.

The expandable and contractible feature of the Ruff and Ready Scrunchie Water Hose makes it very easy to use, and it gives it an advantage over the other water hoses in the market.

If you will be using the water hose infrequently, it makes sense to get a hose which is flexible and expandable. It will help you to turn the chore of gardening and cleaning into something enjoyable.

In addition to watering your garden, you can do many other things with the Scrunchie Water Hose. Since it is light and expandable, you can use it to clean up your backyard. You can use it to wash your car or to fill up your pool. The pressure of the water in this garden hose is not too much so you won’t be able to take out strong stains if you want to use the hose for cleaning but it is good enough when it comes to light cleaning and gardening.

Since it takes so less space, you can easily improve the appearance of your backyard as you can coil it up and store it unobtrusively.

You have to be careful when you attach the spray nozzle to the end of the hose. It is very easy for water to leak out of the hose. You can use it if you want to water your hedge trimmer.

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable garden hose, then you can check the GrowGreen Heavy Duty Expandable Hose Set.


  • Easy to store
  • checkEasy to carry
  • checkLight
  • checkAdjustable nozzle
  • check3x length increase


  • Leaks
  • Doesn’t attach to a spray gun easily


If you are looking for a garden hose which is easy to use and can coil easily, the Ruff and Ready Scrunchie Water Hose is a good option for you. There is nothing exceptional about the water hose other than it can expand to 3x its size. If you need a hose that can water your hedge trimmer or if you have trees behind bushes and need a long hose, this hose will make sense for you. The hose is reasonably priced. Since the hose is made of poly and rubber and there is no inner core to the hose, there are chances of leakage happening. So make sure that you use the hose carefully and don’t expose it too much to sunlight. 

Overall after reviewing Scrunchie Water Hose we think getting GrowGreen Heavy Duty. is worth for your money. 

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