The Teknor Apex Zero G Hose 75ft Review

The Teknor Apex zero G hose is a lightweight and ultra flexible garden hose which is durable and kink-free. It is long enough for all your garden needs. It is 5/8 inch in width. You can even buy two hoses and put them together if you need a longer one.

Main Features

  • Effortless handling since it is 50% Lighter than other hoses
  • Uninterrupted flow due to Kink-free technology
  • Compact and small so easy to store
  • Tough woven fiber jacket of G-Force which resists abrasion, leaks, and punctures.
  • PSI of 600+ burst rating
  • Conventional 5/8 inch hose which is consistent and high flow
  • Easy to maneuver and flexible
  • Flexible in the cold weather even with 35°F
  • Drinking Water Safe and Lead-Free
  • Assembled in the USA so USA quality standards

One of the best features of the zero G hose is that it is lighter than another commercial vinyl hose that is available in the market. It is more than 50% lighter than other garden hoses in the market. This is a very important feature as you can then use your hose in your garden and after the garden is watered roll it back and store it in your garage. When the hose is heavy, you may be tempted to leave it out in the garden which can affect it and lower the life of the garden hose.

Even though the zero G hose is light, it is made of very strong material and is tough enough even if you have a landscaping business. The hose is tough and is resistant to abrasions. It is leak-proof and puncture-proof. You can use the pressure of up to 600+ PSI with this hose, and it still won’t burst.

Another great feature of the zero G hose is that it is kink-free. When you work with a commercial hose, it becomes very difficult if the hose starts getting kinks. Kinks will slow the pressure of water and eventually create holes in the hose.

The zero G hose is very easy to use and maneuver. You can use it to pump drinking water since it is lead-free. The zero G hose goes not retract or expand, and you have assured a high flow rate and uninterrupted water.

Since the zero G hose is assembled in the United States, you are assured that it is of high quality.

The Teknor Apex brand has invested a lot in research to understand how to make the best hose which will be perfect for a commercial business like landscaping or if you need to use it in your garden. In their research, they found that gardeners are looking for hoses which are light in weight, easy to handle and most importantly resist kinks. Another important feature that many gardeners were looking for was durability. So the Teknor Apex Company made sure that they integrated all the above features in their garden hose which is so advanced in design that other garden hoses fall short.

The zero G hose has the Tru-Flex Inner Core, so you don’t have to worry about it kinking, and you are assured that it will be flexible even when the weather drops to up to 35 degrees.

The zero G hose has a High-Density G-Force Jacket, so it is very durable and is among the top commercial grade hoses.

The zero-G is commercial grade, newly-designed, ergonomic, and has couplings that will last for long and will not leak. It is crush proof for up to 900 pounds, and it can withstand the pressure of up to 600 PSI.

You can easily use the zero G hose in your home because it is lead-free which keeps the drinking water safe.

Who is the zero G hose best suited for? 

  • If you are a home gardener and need to use a hose frequently
  • If you have a greenhouse
  • If you are a professional landscaper or a tradesman

In addition to that, you can use the Zero-G for all garden and lawn applications and also if you have light professional needs like mixing concrete, cleaning or filling containers.

You can also use the zero-G with any standard hose reels. You don’t have to waste your money buying a specific hose reel. Even if the hose is not completely taken out from the hose reel, you will still be able to use the hose, and the water will flow easily. When you are done with the hose, all you need to do is drain the water from the hose, wind it up easily into the hose reel.

Even though you will use the hose in your garden, you don’t have to worry about gasoline or fertilizer or any other chemical that you use may degrade or make holes in the hose as it is very strong. We recommend though that if you use fertilizer or chemicals in your garden, you should wash the garden hose thoroughly after you use it. This is mainly because you may use the garden hose in the future for drinking water and it is always beneficial to keep your garden hose clean.


  • Kink-free
  • Light in weight
  • Lead-free and safe for drinking water


The zero-G hose can very easily be called the future of hose design since it is so advanced. It is lighter so you can easily handle it and maneuver it. It is easy to store and has a very high burst strength of 600+ PSI. It is kink resistant and will flow freely as any normal 5/8” hose would. It is flexible even in cold weather and is flexible even when the weather goes down to a low 35 degrees. The zero-G is newly designed, has crush-proof couplings which give it a long life, is durable and has attachments which are leak-free. Since the zero-G hose is lead-free, you can use it for drinking water. It will glide smoothly and easily over surfaces so it won’t get holes or won’t snag anywhere. It is a perfect commercial hose. If you are looking for a garden hose for your home, you can also check our Best Expandable Hose article (

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